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20kg Powder Coated Kettlebell

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Cast Iron, Powder Coated Kettlebells.

A favorite for NZ's Kettlebell Ninja Ekaterina Tabakova


Lifetime Warranty - Structural integrity guaranteed for life.
Single Cast - Casting from one whole piece of steel substantially increases the durability of a kettlebell reducing the need for welds or fillers that break, rattle and loosen over time.
Gravity Casting and Precision Made - Gravity casting casts the iron to the specific weight you are creating keeping weight tolerance within 300g 
Durable Finish - Durable powder coating keeps our bells looking great beyond traditional kettlebell paint.


Smooth finish - Our precision casting process provides a smoother surface for the powder coating which protects hands, wrists and forearms.
Handle Grip - Great gripping surface for both chalk or non chalk users especially when things get sweaty.
Recessed Logo - ensures the logo don't break off or hurt your forearms during repetitions.


Coloured Band on Handles - colour coded to international standards for easy weight identification with engraved weight with kgs.

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